AntlerPure Chews Plus Sizing Guide

About Our Sizes

This is a general guide to choosing the most appropriate antler chew for your dog based on their size and weight. You should also take into consideration the chewing habits of your dog when deciding on a Whole Elk Antler, Split Elk Antler, Whole White Tail Deer Antler or Moose Antler. If your dog is on the upper end of a size range or a more vigorous chewer we suggest purchasing the next size up so that the antler last longer. A smaller dog can always handle a larger chew but an undersized chew for a larger or more aggressive chewer will not last very long and could become a choking hazard. When it comes to durability, we rank the chews in the following order starting with the softest. The softest is Split Elk, then Whole Elk. We then rate the Moose as the middle of the density and then the densest is the White Tail Deer.


Under 10 lbs.


10 – 20 lbs.


20 – 40 lbs.


40 – 70 lbs.


70 – 100 lbs.


Over 100 lbs.