AntlerPure Chews Plus Frequently Asked Questions

Why AntlerPure Chews?

Our values as a company is to provide your dogs with the same high quality healthy dog chew that we would give our own dogs. We strive for excellent customer service and every antler that ships from our facility has been visually checked by us to ensure quality and consistency. We buy only naturally shed antlers to make sure that no deer, moose or elk are harmed for the purpose of harvesting their antlers. Quite simply, we’re about pure trust, loyalty, pursuit of excellence and doing the right thing. We invite you to check out Our Story.

Split Versus Whole – Which Should I Choose?

Wholes will always last longer than splits, but most dogs prefer splits to whole antlers because it gets them right to the good stuff! So, for the value, wholes are a better option but if your main objective is to provide your dog with a great tasty treat that will give them a great teeth cleaning splits are a great option.

How Long Do Antlers Last?

This really depends on how hard of a chewer your canine is, but you can expect your antler chew to last as long as a nylon bone would last him/her.  But, unlike nylon, these antlers are 100% digestible and filled with calcium, glucosamine, and phosphorous.

What Are the Benefits of Antlers?

  • Rich source of calcium, phosphorous, glucosamine and chondroitin and other beneficial minerals and nutrients, all excellent for your dog’s bones, teeth, gums, coat and overall health.
  • NO additives, no artificial coloring, no flavor enhancers, no preservatives, no outsourcing, no GMO, no plastics, and no petrochemicals.
  • More durable and safer than traditional chews made from plastic, bone or compacted starch.
  • Allergen-free and perfect for all dogs (including puppies, seniors and special-needs pets).
  • AntlerPure chews will neither splinter or chip like bones, nor break like artificial toys.
    100% mess-free and odor-free.
  • Made in US.
  • Dogs will go crazy over AntlerPure Dog Antler Chews!!

Regarding Your Antler Chews, I Can’t Decide Which Sizes And Types Of Antler Chews Likely Would Best Suit My Dog………Do You Have Any Guidance?

Every dog is unique, to say the least!  We’re confident that your dog would love all of our Pure Antler Chews; however, we do cut and size each antler to match up to the size of your dog.  Choosing the right antler for dogs can be tough, but we’re dedicated to making it easy with our AntlerPure Chew Sizing Guide to ensure an appropriate fit.  Also, please bear in mind your dog’s breed, life stage and chewing behavior when choosing an antler chew.  If your dog’s weight is on the edge of two antler chew sizes, we would suggest to always err on the next larger size up if you are unsure.  A smaller dog can always tackle a larger chew but an undersized chew for a larger and more aggressive chewing dog will not last long and could be a choking hazard.

Where Do Antlers Come From?

Every year, mature male deer (elk, whitetail deer, and moose) grow and shed a set of antlers.  As the antlers begin to grow in the springtime they are soft, filled with vessels, and covered in a skin called velvet.  As the male deer’s hormone testosterone fluctuate with mating the antlers start to harden at the base.  After mating season ends in winter the deer shed their antlers naturally due to testosterone hormone levels falling.  This process reoccurs every spring and winter.  AntlerPure Chews are made from these pure naturally shed antlers that are found throughout North America.  All our antlers are a product of the United States and no animal is harmed in the process.

What Do You Mean By Single Independent When Referencing Your Antler Chews?

Quite literally, you’ll find only one ingredient in our antler chews: 100% Pure naturally shed premium antler. Nothing else is added; well except our love, dedication to excellence and our appreciation of dogs an their owners.

Where Can I Find AntlerPure Products?

Currently, our products are available only through the online website with local pick-up available. You also can find us at a selective group of local farmer’s markets, festivals, and dog events. We hope to have them available in the future with some premium retailers within the United States.  Please click here for additional information about our local farmer’s markets, festivals, and dog event locations.