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My Name Is Sophie

My name is Sophie, I’m an English Goldendoodle who loved antler chews. I liked to run, swim, hike, chase bunnies, and help my owner JD…

It all began when…

In August 2008 when I was born, and they brought home the cutest puppy that they had ever seen (ME!) and that’s when life got really good… i’m pretty sure at least for me… I was the happiest Goldendoodle the world had ever seen. I was treated as part of the family which is a high standard of my owners. They have a love of dogs and want the best of the best for their dog as well as everyone else’s.

Meet JD & Anita Dudley

My Mom and Dad live in McCordsville, Indiana and have two sons who both have their own fur friends as well. They love to antique which is where they discovered my first antler. My mom (Anita) was the one that did all the fun things with me and I worked hard for my Dad (JD) as his service dog to assist him with mobility and loved to pick things up for him.

My Dad JD has FSHD Muscular Dystrophy and has always worked until just recently when his working career ended due to a fall. They always had a dream of owning their own dog business but just weren’t sure exactly what that would look like until I discovered the love of antler dog chews and they began to buy them for me.

After doing their extensive research on antlers they discovered that not only are the antlers delicious to dogs and wild animals alike they are full of health aiding benefits like calcium, iron magnesium, potassium, zinc & phosphorous along with other minerals and they even help clean the dog’s teeth.

Seeing the excitement and happiness of watching me chew on antlers gave them the idea for AntlerPure Chews +. My parents are dedicated to providing our customers with the same high-quality antlers they would give me… I was fully dedicated to making their lives full of fun everyday… and of course testing all the antlers that they would bring home.

Now my parents are focusing on providing the best antler dog chew to all my canine friends and yours.

I took my first trip to purchase antlers with my parents and that was the beginning of AntlerPure Chews+ and shortly after I became very ill and later found out that I had cancer, so I hope that all my dog friends out their will enjoy these as much as I did.

My spirit and family will be sure to treat you with the best antlers they can provide and to the highest standards that I would have expected.

8/30/08 – 3/28/18

Our memories are with you……

Our Mission

We are truly dedicated to happy and healthy pets! We take extreme care with the products we carry, only choosing premium quality products that are safe, but also longer lasting than most! All our products are produced with your pet’s well-being in mind.