AntlerPure Chews Plus About Antler Chews

No Animals Are Harmed Or Killed When We Acquire Our Antlers!

Why AntlerPure Chews?

Antlers in general are unique to the Cervidae family, which includes animals like the Elk, Moose, White tail Deer and Caribou (Reindeer). Antlers differ from horns in that they are shed every year and the buck deer grow a new, larger set the next year. Animals like cattle or big horn sheep grow one set of horns and if you cut them off, they don’t grow back. However, antler is a renewable resource. When the antlers are shed in the spring usually around March and April, a time when their testosterone levels are generally at the lowest. The low testosterone levels cause the bone connected to the base of the antler to deteriorate and eventually they naturally fall off. They will then grow a new set which will take almost the entire summer to complete-before the cycle starts all over again.

During the growth period the antlers are full of blood, very tender, and covered in what is called velvet, a very soft, furry covering. The deer are very careful not to injure the antlers at this stage of growth, as a blow to an antler in velvet can damage it severely. During this amazing growth, the antlers can grow up to two inches a day. Elk antler is the fastest growing organ on a mammal aside from the moose antler.

By the end of August, most bulls have finished growing their antlers and they are sufficiently calcified that damage to them is rare. They will begin to peel the velvet around September and that’s a sure sign that the rut or mating season, is not far off. During mating season, the fully hardened antlers are used to mark the animal’s territory and spar with other males; both of which help determine male dominance with the herd. After mating season ends in winter these antlers are shed naturally by the animal. If left in the wild, these antlers are chewed on by squirrels, chipmunks, birds, mink, beaver, the next to kin of the dog coyote and even wolves who all enjoy the nutritional benefits antlers have to offer.

Each AntlerPure Antler Dog Chew is a cut piece of 100% all-natural PURE shed antler from North American Elk, Moose and Whitetail Deer. These chews are all natural and unprocessed. Better than cooked bones, these chews are more durable and longer lasting to stand up to even the most energetic chewer. Unlike rawhide, these chews are not only 100% digestible, they provide nutrients unparalleled than any manufactured product. The marrow center is the part that dogs love, and they will spend hours trying to get it all out. Antlers don’t splinter, virtually odorless and mess free. An antler chew can last from two to three weeks to months or even years, or not depending on the dog and it’s chewing tendencies, the size of the antler piece purchased, and whether the antler has been split or left whole.

Why Antlers?

Every antler chew is naturally unique and will vary, accordingly, in size, shape, weight, density and hue of color. However, all AntlerPure Dog Chews are sourced only from the best within the United States. As with all consumable dog chews, please supervise diligently your pest when providing these antler chews. Once the chew has become worn down to a size that could pose a choking and/or swallowing hazard to your pet, please discard responsibly, and replace with a new AntlerPure Dog Chew!

Pure All Natural

Our antlers are all-natural, pure shed antlers collected within the United States. No animals were harmed in the making of this product. They have not been artificially enhanced in any way nor do they contain dyes, added hormones, antibiotics, animal by-products, steroids or preservatives. Your antler treat will be delivered exactly how nature created it, PURE!

Variety Of Choices

We offer three varieties of antler dog chews: Elk, Whitetail, and Moose. While the nutritional benefits are very much the same, the scent and flavor of each species is unique. Customers may find that their dog may enjoy one variety over the others.

Appealing To You And Your Dog

A dog’s natural instinct is to search out and chew bones. Antler is pure bone. Unlike skeletal bones that have a hollow center, the bone marrow inside an antler completely calcifies before it is shed making it solid bone, it is naturally rich in vitamins; protein, calcium, phosphorous, magnesium and other nutritional minerals to enhance your dog’s overall health and well-being.

White Tail Deer For Dogs

AntlerPure offers White Tail deer antlers for sale so that your dog has an all-natural and healthy alternative to the leg of your dining room table. Our white tail deer antler dog chews are perfect for aggressive chewers who need more of a challenge than our whole elk antlers. With a harder outer core, white tail deer antlers provide more of a chewing challenge, so your dog will have hours of entertainment. You also won’t have to worry about harmful chemicals, preservatives and additives present in most nylon chew toys made for aggressive chewers.

Split Elk Antlers For Dogs

AntlerPure Split Elk Antler chews are a great choice for dogs that are new to elk antlers, more tentative or occasional chewers, puppies or older dogs. Since these elk antlers are split down the middle, they will be easier for your dog to get to the delicious nutrient-rich marrow that lies inside. Though split elk antler chews will not last as long as whole elk and antlers with more aggressive chewing dogs, they will still make a great treat for your four-legged friend. Bear in mind that our split elk antlers are the same average size and weight as the corresponding size whole elk antlers…not half of the whole antler. For example, our Large Whole Elk antler chews weigh on average 6 ounces each. Our Large Split Elk Antler chews are cut from a 12 ounce piece of antler to get you the same size 6 ounce chew (on average).

Moose Antlers For Dogs

AntlerPure Moose Antler chews are good for an older dog that can’t chew vigorously or as an introduction to puppies and dogs that have never had an antler chew before. Since this “tasty” Moose antler has the calcium rich marrow exposed on 3 or 4 sides and allows your dog to get right to it without lots of effort. Though Moose antler chews will not last as long as whole elk and deer antlers with more aggressive chewing dogs, they will still make a great treat for your four-legged friend that loves to chew.

Whole Elk Antlers For Dogs

AntlerPure Whole Elk Antler chews are the perfect “go-to” dog chew for dogs that love to chew. Since the marrow is not exposed, your dog will have to work to grind the antler chew down in order to get to the treat inside. These are a bigger challenge for your dog and will last much longer. Great for teething puppies, older dogs or dogs new to chewing antlers. Whole Elk Antler chews vary in density depending on what part of the antler they come from. Pieces closer to the base of the antler are very dense and the pieces close to the end of the antler are somewhat softer and easier to chew.